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Editorial: Cancer's change of direction

Andrew Hague

Professor of Advanced Medicine, President, Cellsonic, Manufacturers of Medical Equipment, UK

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DOI: 10.15761/GMO.1000139

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Without mutations there would be no cancers but without a mutation there would have been no humans. We are new. Our organs have not yet stabilised. About 60,000 years ago we acquired bigger, more active brains as a result of mutations so that the offspring differed from the parents by being able to out smart them and use tools. That same process of cell replication carried through to the new species and still has the unstable feature of failing to replicate exactly so that a mutation appears which we know as cancer. In the early days, the immune system found the faulty cells and removed them. Primitive cave dwellers ate organic food, lived in supportive communes and were not subject to man-made electrical fields. Their dangers were the wild animals they were trying to catch to eat and the neighbouring tribe who thought they had better hunting grounds. The 7.83 hertz electro-magnetic field from the Appleton layer in the ionosphere was there as it had been since the earth was formed and affects all life on earth. The electrical properties of all cells are something the medical profession forgot.

Fast forward to the modern day where the immune system is overloaded and seldom able to clean out the cells that mutated in the process of the human’s routine replication process. The inevitable cancers affect a third of the population. Is that better brain not able to solve the problem?

Eventually the answer has appeared and properly implemented there will be winners and no losers. The understanding is that cancer is an electrical fault. This has been known for many years and by electroporation the polarity of the cells could be switched but it was tricky and only worked where the tumour was accessible. The invention of a nonsurgical form of irreversible electroporation using a combination of sound waves with a high powered electric field has made treatments easy and safe. There are no side effects. The cancer is stopped immediately by changing the behaviour of cells, not killing them.

The condition of the tissues can be diagnosed by measuring the permittivity. With cancer showing a reading on the scale at 9.6 and healthy cells 3.2 with nothing in between, the identification of cancers is easier, safer and immediate.

CellSonic is combining its invention of non-surgical electroporation with the permittivity diagnosis. It is the vision of Andrew Hague, the founder and owner of the company, who is driving this project, that cancer will be diagnosed and cured in twenty minutes. Amazing as this may seem in a world where cancer spells death, the technology is now in place and being introduced to the market slowly so that everything from protocols to long term results can be checked and double checked. For the pharmaceutical industry, this brings a welcome shift from making drugs with side effects to supply continuously the consumable items that carry no risks, lower costs and higher profit margins. For governments, insurers and patients it means only having to pay a small sum to be checked twice a year at a corner clinic and if any tiny cancer is found having it stopped before the patient is aware of it. Cancer will cease to be feared but it will always remain a threat because cell replication mutation is intrinsic to humans. Fancy having to check the population of the world every six months? Cancer is changing from one of the world’s largest businesses to becoming the largest data gatherer of all time.

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Received: July 9, 2018
Accepted: July 17, 2018
Published: July 21, 2018


©2018 Andrew Hague. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


Andrew Hague (2018) Editorial: Cancer's change of direction. Gen Med Open, 2 : DOI: 10.15761/GMO.1000139

Corresponding author

Andrew Hague

Professor of Advanced Medicine, President, Cellsonic, Manufacturers of Medical Equipment, UK

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