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The robust solution for epidemiology

Paul T E Cusack

Independent Researcher, Canada

E-mail : bhuvaneswari.bibleraaj@uhsm.nhs.uk

DOI: 10.15761/CMI.1000124

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Based on my study of cholera and mental illness, in particular, schizophrenia, I’ve discovered some mathematical laws that to apply to epidemiology. It is the familiar “Robust Solution” that I’ve developed in other papers on physics and economics.  The same math applied in the study of the transmission and termination of contagious disease What I provide here is mathematics from the Robust solution that applies to epidemiology.

Key words

epidemiology, Gaussian distribution


We consider conditional probability, the Gaussian distribution, Overcrowding, resistance to disease, the golden mean below. We develop a basic law of contagion.

Conditional probability

Gaussian distribution

Overcrowding resistance to disease, and the Golden Mean parabola:

Cusack’s Contagion Law

Infected *d=Resistance to infection

Probabilities and the Contagion


So we see that the Robust solution mathematics applies to Epidemiology as well as it applies to any two pole problem, under which lies the Gaussian distribution.


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Dr. Ume Wollina

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Research Article

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Received date: February 03, 2017
Accepted date: February 17, 2017
Published date: February 21, 2017


© 2017 Paul T E Cusack. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


Cusack PTE (2017) The robust solution for epidemiology. Clin Med Invest 2: DOI: 10.15761/CMI.1000124

Corresponding author

Paul T E Cusack

BScE, DULE, 1641 Sandy point Rd, Saint John, NB E2K 5E8, Canada. Tel: (506) 214-3313;

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