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Military doctor and management of injuries in conflict

Beuy Joob

Sanitation 1 Medical Academic Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Viroj Wiwanitkit

Hainan Medical University, China and Surin Rajabhat University, Thailand

DOI: 10.15761/TEC.1000105

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Key words

military doctor, war, injury

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor, the military doctor is usually an important group of physician who take part in medical care during war or conflict [1]. The role of military doctor is sometimes conflict since it has to balance between care for all and mission of the military. Nevertheless, the military doctor has been existed for a long time and it usually accompanied with other military health care personnel especially for military nurse.  In the present day, due to the worldwide terrorism, the role of military health care team in terrorism should be discussed. When a terrorist attack occurs, military and law enforcement response is needed. There must be measures to identify, acquire and plan use of all resources needed to anticipate, prevent as well as resolve a threat or act of terror. The military doctor has to primarily manage the case and have to plan for give health care suggestion and prevention to both military and local people. The health care team has to courage, not the absence of fear, but being
able to do what is right in the presence of terrorism. To give some idea of the role and examples, we would like to present case studies from Southern Thailand, where the conflict is still existed and the role of military doctor can be well demonstrated. In that area, the high prevalence of terrorism related blast injuries can be seen [2–4]. Most of the patients are soldiers in the conflict area [2–4]. The management of those injured cases has to be done by collaboration between local physicians and military physicians. Good referral system to tertiary military hospital is also the important preparation. In addition, the safety of the military health care team is also a very important thing to be discussed. Often, the military personnel become the attacking point for the terrorist. Blasting nearby the area of the local hospital can still be seen in the conflict area.  How to perform the good health care service and protect safety environment during working is still the big concern for the military physician. Finally, it should be noted that also working place is in the conflict area, some physicians can still have a good job and present good humanistic piece of work. The world famous physician and artist, Henry Tonks, is the good example [5–7].


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Guo-Gang Xing
Peking University

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Letter to Editor

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Received date: January 22, 2016
Accepted date: February 24, 2016
Published date: February28, 2016


©2016JoobB. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source credited.


Joob B,Wiwanitkit C (2016)Military doctor and management of injuries in conflict. Trauma Emerg Care1: doi: 10.15761/TEC.1000105

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Sanitation 1 Medical Academic Center, Bangkok, Thailand;

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