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Integrative Clinical Medicine (ICM)

Integrative Clinical Medicine (ICM) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing reviews and reports that explore all the areas of medicine and its interdisciplinary fields. The Journal delivers a valuable collection of reviews and cases in all specialties of medicine so that physicians, researchers and other healthcare professionals can have easy access to the clinically important information.

ICM will feature research, review papers, Case Reports, editorials, expert opinion and perspective papers, commentaries, and book reviews.

ICM welcomes direct submissions from authors: Attach your word file with e- mail and send it to

Please, follow the Instructions for Authors. In the cover letter add the name and e-mail address of 5 proposed reviewers (we can choose them or not).

Copyright is retained by the authors and articles can be freely used and distributed by others. Articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License ( ), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work, first published by ICM, is properly cited.

Editor in chief

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Editorial Board

Wolfgang Seger

Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
University of Bremen

Cindy McKinney

Associate Professor
Cell Biology and Physiology
The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Paul Skaife

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Abraham Benatar

Department of Pediatric Cardiology
University Hospital UZ Brussel
Free University of Brussels (VUB)

Josefa Borrego-Hinojosa

Unit of Nephrology
Hospital Complex of Jaén

Ioannis Antonopoulos

Division of Rheumatology
Department of Internal Medicine
Patras University Hospital
University of Patras Medical School

Wilfried De Backer

Department of Pulmonary Medicine
University Hospital Antwerp

Anne Limbourg

Department of Plastic
Hand and Reconstructive Surgery
Hannover Medical School

CHUNG Man-cheung

Department of Educational Psychology
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Mohamed Elmasry

HPB research fellow
Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Institute of Translational Medicine
University of Liverpool

Mauricio Barría

Profesor Auxiliar
Faculty of Medicine
Austral University of Chile

Carmen Fong

General Surgery PGY-4
Mount Sinai Beth

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ICM welcomes direct submissions from authors: Attach your word file with e- mail and send it to

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